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The Cultural Depictions of Dogs: Homepage
Goofy, who is allegedly actually a cow, not a dog: Source


  1. Hi Mikayla!

    Wow! Your caption about Goofy allegedly being a cow and not a dog had me doing some research. My findings still seem somewhat inconclusive. I look forward to reading your anthology on the dogs of Aesop's Fables. It should be a lot of fun to read. I am really excited to see read you retelling of "The Hare and the Hound" - I feel like there are so many different directions you can go with this story and the others.

    I wonder why you chose these three stories in particular when there are so many? Especially when it concerns, "The Farmer and His Dogs," you did not really give any reasoning for picking this story. I appreciated how the quote from "The Hare and the Hound" really resonated with you. I think that is why I am looking forward to reading it.

    What if on your header you showed the dogs head? I am not sure if this is the look you are going for - I just think that the website might look cleaner if you could see more than just the dog's torso. Otherwise, I really like the design and layout of your website thus far!

  2. Hey Mikayla!

    I saw your project in the class directory and couldn't not check it out! I am a huge dog person so that is one obvious reason. Another is that you chose to look at dogs through Aesop's fables. The few fables I have read, that included dogs, I was not entirely impressed with. Their depiction is so simple. I couldn't resonate with their depiction as I seemed to value them so much more; I found their specific characteristics more compelling than they were portrayed. That being said, it was nice to see your outlook on a few fables.

    However, I am a little confused as to where this storybook will be going. Are you simple going to retell those favorite stories of yours or are you going to use your deeper research somehow? I am interested to see which direction you take with this project.

    As Ryan mentioned, your header should probably be reconfigured or expanded. Right now it is hard to discern what that figure actually is at quick glance. Other than that, I think your project is in good shape. I think it was a great idea to link your prior research to your introduction to help describe what you had found in preparation for this project. Best of luck.

  3. Hi Mikayla!

    Among all the other projects, your website title was the most eye-catching! It's great you decided to write about something that inspires you, I have yet to find it! I was also interested in the portrayal society has of animals through Aesop's fables.

    Have you read Why the Cat and Dog are Enemies? I know it doesn't fit your theme related to fables, but it's another interesting snippet of how the dog is portrayed specifically versus cats. The cat takes credit for returning a valuable item to their owners and scold the poor dog when actually they made the journey together, and the dog had the original plan anyway!

    I'm excited to see how your stories turn out. Will they be like a snopes fact check against each of the fables you chose? Or will it be more of a retelling?

    Good work!

  4. Hi Mikayla! Wait, I had no idea Goofy was supposed to be a cow? I’m going to pretend he is a dog still. I love all of the images you chose! They’re so fun and really set the tone for your project well. Your introduction does a great job of setting up exactly what we’re going to get from the story. It’s a great approach to this. It’s a nice little personal touch! I can definitely relate to looking to a dog for inspiration. I always enjoy stories written from the perspective of an animal. It’s nice to know what they’re thinking! I enjoyed your theoretical approach to your first story. Working with source materials that are short can be difficult, but you did a great job! I know that you said you had a hard time with it, but it was a joy to read. I’m looking forward to seeing more from you! Good job!

  5. Hey, Mikayla!

    I read your class introduction too, and I was pretty excited when your name popped up for me to give feedback. I love that you’ve chosen to do stories about dogs! I think that’s a great niche for you! This week I read Running for Your Life.

    It must have been pretty frustrating to have almost no source material for writing this story. I’ve chosen stories with tons of source material so far and it honestly makes things a million times easier! I still think you did an awesome job writing this story, though! You totally worked it.

    Your story was attention grabbing and it certainly grabbed by heartstrings at the end when the hound realized the worth of the hare. UGH. I hope this would be my dog’s mentality if she was ever in the position of the hound.

    My only real advice would be to go back and check spelling. I think the only error I caught was that you used, “liter” where I think you intended to use, “litter.”

    I hope your semester is going well!


  6. Hey Mikayla!

    I also had no idea that Goofy was a cow and not a dog, but in my defense my childhood dogs' names were Goofy and Pluto so I always just assumed! As for the project, I absolutely love it so far as you already had me with the title as I am a big fan of dogs and the project itself backed it up great. I liked the use of so many varying images as they gave the project a lot of personality (which is something I definitely need to do myself) especially the very regal dog at the top of the introduction. I liked how the Introduction also established what the project was about and gave an individual rundown for each of the stories by Aesop. My only question is how many total stories you plan to put in the project as I will definitely be looking forward to reading about everyone's best friends, great work.

  7. Hi Mikayla,

    I am so excited to read your story book and keep up with it. I love dogs so much so I have a feeling this is going to be my favorite. I really like how you have your page setup. You made a great choice by putting that picture of Goofy on your homepage and writing the caption that you did. I am shocked that Goofy is a cow and not a dog. WHAT?! Most people reading your blog grew up watching Tv shows and movies with Goofy in it, which makes that picture a great attention catcher and really pulls readers into your storybook. I like how in your introduction you referred to the three stories that you are basing your storybook over. That gives your readers an idea about the storybook. I love the sentimental approach that you took for your first story. I plan on following this storybook as you add more to it.

  8. Hello Mikayla,

    I would like to start off by saying you did a great job with this story. I thought that Goofy was supposed to be a dog but I guess Goofy was a cow. I like how you had put in the pictures which made the story more enjoyable. The story also flowed really well and the tone was spot on for the entire story. The beginning of the story is worded perfectly that it sets the story up perfectly. I do not have a dog but I have always wanted one because they listen so well to us and they do not talk back to us if we say the wrong thing or something else. I think that you did a very well job even though you said that you were having a hard time writing it but in the end it was a great story to read.

  9. Hi Mikayla,

    I really like your story book website set up and love the title of it. I love dogs and when I saw the title, “Cultural Depictions of Dogs,” I clicked as quick as I could. For saying that you had a very difficult time writing your story titled, “Running for Your Life,” I thought it turned out to be a good one. The way you switched the plot in the beginning and brought a new twist into the story was really cool and creative. I have always wondered what it would be like if we were on the opposite side of the food chain, and even wonder what animals think of us when they see us. I think that your use of this transition in the story is very creative and, in the end, sets up a very nice message. I think that if you had made the story more about how this small hound were to have had to run for his life from something bigger, than it would have conveyed the message a little clearer. But overall, I really liked it.

  10. Hi Mikayla!

    I just read your first story, "Running for Your Life," and really enjoyed it! I too like the line, "You forget, that it is one thing to be running for your dinner, and another for your life." I would hope life has a little more value than dinner. But, I guess we do have to remember that dinner helps nourish life - thus the hound still had incentive to run faster.

    I can see how using these short fables as story sources could be difficult. Especially when trying to write the projects stories of 500-1000 words. One thing I will do sometimes is just go almost completely away from the original except for keeping the characters and morals similar. Maybe to add length to the story you could give some background on the Goatherd? Sometimes I think it is cool to see what other makeup about a character in which we have little to no information about. But that is just a thought! Can't wait to see what you do next!

  11. Hey Mikayla!

    I definitely selected your project because I am a dog lover myself, and I'm happy to say I was not disappointed in the slightest. I like how your introduction really explained the over arcing view of your project. It gave me the proper mindset to go in and read your first story through your eyes. I really enjoyed the experience.

    Overall, I like the design of your website. I wish I knew what your banner image was, though! Because the header is so tiny, it condenses the picture, and on my computer it just looks like a dark green lump with mint green on the sides.

    Your first story was awesome. I loved how it revolved around a particular moral. My favorite line was the last one, "It is one thing to be running for your dinner, and another for your life." If I was to give you any feedback, I would say you should consider breaking up your paragraphs more. Big chunks of texts often detour readers, and it's hard for our brains and eyes to process such a high volume. Other than that, great job!

  12. Hi Mikayla!

    It is good to see you have made progress on your storybook as I just finished reading the first page and I must say it was quite good. I like how you began with the whole motto of it being one thing to be running after your dinner versus your own life as that is a powerful message that comes around multiple times during the story. The idea of the hares running faster as they have much more on the line than their canine counterparts is so true and has a deep message about motivation in it as well. I wonder now what all other tales you will choose to retell using this scope of dogs as I think it is creative and easy to get behind as who does not love dogs. Overall, really liked the first story and can't wait to see where your storybook will go from here!


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